As discussed during our last BrKr meeting we are further reopening læsesal to near full capacity
Rules and changes:
    • No more reservation of tables, just come down and sit if there’s a spot (don’t be Sheldon though)
    • Both sections are now more focused on individual reading, so keep it cool and low as possible (like don’t laugh too hard on them RHK Memes you secretly check while “reading“)
    • Group rooms inside læsesal are only for residents of RHK (if not complied with, a wall will be built #MLGA)
  • There are 2 new group areas designated in UE that you can use with your study friends from outside (for reading and deep philosophical discussions only)
Good job to all for keeping the læsesal so clean in the past few weeks and skud ud til Daniel (ish), Tobias og Magnus for helping us move the tables today. If there are any questions or suggestions, please write to me and we will look at it soon – Mvh Læsesal Udvalg / Brkr